Reviewed by Julie

We are very grateful for Megan's exprtise and patience. We recently adopted a dog who has a bit of separation anxiety and isn't as trusting of others as all of our previous rescues so were apprehensive to to introduce him to anyone new and/or leave him for an extended period. Megan slowly but surely gained his trust and also shared her wisdom with us to help improve a few behavior issues. I am thankful my friend recommended her to us and we will certainly recommend Megan to others.

Reviewed by Barbara W

Megan is extraordinary in so many ways. Honest, reliable, responsible, caring, are just some of the adjectives to describe her. Your "furry family" will be in safe hands with her. I would
recommend her without any reservations.

Reviewed by Patrick

Megan is a fantastic petsitter. I know she loves animals and that she's taking the best possible care of our cat while we're gone. She keeps in regular contact and lets us know how our cat is doing and pays attention to all of his health problems. I have recommended her to many friends, and I feel so lucky that we are able to leave our cat in such good hands when we have to travel.

Reviewed by Michelle

Megan was recommended to us by my boss when our last dog sitter cut back on her work load. Megan has been GREAT. As an archaeologist, my schedule can be unpredictable & change at a moment's notice, and Megan has consistently been able to accommodate the weirdness that is my life. She is great with my pup, and I LOVE the photos she sends me after each visit. When I'm away and missing my girl, the photos and note make me feel so much better. We feel fortunate to have Megan as our canine caretaker when we are not around.

Reviewed by Justin & Susana

Megan stayed at our home and watched two of our dogs while we were out of town. She absolutely went above and beyond what I ever would expect from a dog sitter. The entire time we were gone, I was 100% confident that our dogs were being well taken care of. Megan has a natural connection to dogs and I knew right away that the dogs would feel safe and comfortable in her care. I highly recommend hiring Megan for any dog sitting, walking, and training needs!

Reviewed by Laura & David

Megan has been amazing with our dog! He is slow to warm up to new people, but Megan completely understood his issues and needs. Megan told us that she meets dogs where they are at and lets them approach her as they are comfortable. This allowed our dog to approach Megan on his terms and now they are the best of friends. We felt so comfortable with Megan staying at our house with him for a week and knew he was in wonderful hands. We are very grateful for the peace of mind she gave us. Plus, we got updates and adorable pictures every day! We highly recommend Megan and will be using her services in the future.

Reviewed by Katrina Hart-Kutch and Matt Kutch

Megan came into our lives 7 years ago and she has become part of our family now! My family met her through Max Fund, a nonprofit rescue, where we got our first family dog, Ginger. Megan helped us with Ginger and rehabbing Gingers fears around men and people. We knew then that she would be someone we loved! She is my “sister” from another mother and we love her dearly!
Megan has a love for animals that you won’t find in a lot of people. Her patience, her expertise, her love and her attention to detail, for you pet, is extraordinary! She has house sat for my husband and I numerous times and has always done an outstanding job. We have one cat, TinkerBell, who is not the most social or friendly kitty, but TinkerBell LOVES Megan! There is truly something about Megan, that animals can sense♥️ and they are drawn to her! Megan also works my parents two shar-pei’s and those two dogs love Megan!
Without a doubt, Megan is the best thing you could hire for your furry loved ones!

Co-founder/Owner of KHK Personal Training LLC

Reviewed by Jen & Clay

We feel so lucky to have found Megan, or "Auntie Megan" as our Schnoodle Max calls her. Max was a rescue and had a very difficult and abusive past resulting in behavioral issues. He is also going blind, which further complicates caring for him.

Megan started as our trainer, teaching us how to help him adjust to his new life. And now, she is also his in-home care taker when we are out of town. She is the only other person Max 100% trusts!

She is so thoughtful and professional and has such a deep connection with animals, we would highly recommend her to anyone.

Reviewed by Lindsay

I am so happy to have met Megan through the referral of a good friend! I used to get anxious about leaving our dog while traveling, but now look forward to trips and feel 100% comfortable leaving him in her care. From the initial meet and greet she was absolutely professional and knew how to calm down our very excited pup. While away we received updates and pictures each day and didn’t worry about his happiness and well-being. When we returned the house was spotless and our dog was excited to see us, but I also think he missed Megan.  We will be using her services as much as possible.

Reviewed by Tracy Ashmore

Megan has been a wonderful trainer with my dog who has some unique challenges given a stormy puppyhood.
Megan is not only a consummate professional, she has a gentle, wise and easy manner in all her work with dogs and their people.
She has not only allowed my wounded dog to heal and blossom, she has done so with great understanding, warmth and patience.
Thank you Megan you are wonderful!

Reviewed by Dani Perea

We have a 2 yr old blue heeler/border collie mix who was traumatized by a german shepherd who attacked him as a puppy. As a result he was skittish and prone to bouts of barking on walks. We asked Megan to help train us to walk him to be less fearful and to decrease his barking spirals. After using her techniques from the first appointment with Megan, we already saw marked improvement and the emergence of a confident and happy pup!
She gave us useful techniques for anticipating and interrupting our dog’s reaction to strangers and strange dogs, as well as useful play to make the most of our dog’s need for stimulation and work.
We are very happy with our training and with our dog who now walks with his head high!

Reviewed by Laura

I am so thrilled to have found Megan to help us train our young dog. Megan has the unique ability to understand why behaviors occur and provide excellent training tactics to address them. We have seen tremendous improvement and also we are more understanding and patient because of the knowledge Megan has shared. Megan really is a dog whisperer. Thank you Megan, you are the best!

Reviewed by Dawn Hudson

HIRE THIS WOMAN!!!!! Before we contacted Megan, we were going to give up on the dog we had just adopted because he and our cat just could not get along, amongst other behavioral issues. Megan was VERY flexible with our schedule and knows her craft! She truly worked with my whole family on positive reinforcement with Samson. Megan is fantastic, professional and really personalizes her training sessions. Samson and our cat now live harmoniously and our household is more peaceful thanks to Megan.

Reviewed by Anne

Megan is extremely professional, accommodating, and thoughtful to both us & our dog. She sends pictures and text updates which is very comforting. She is trustworthy, responsible, and punctual. Her top priority is always the well being of an animal. She simply is a natural with dogs and I HIGHLY recommend her.

Reviewed by Kim Dehner

Megan has changed my family's enjoyment of vacationing!! We love to travel, but have always worried about our pets whether it be them going to a kennel or worrying about the reliability of who is coming to our house to take care of them. With Megan we KNOW that they are happy and well taken care of in the comfort of their home. I love that she sends pictures and let's us know what they are up to. It is so comforting to see them! She has also has helped out with things that have come up around the house that are above and beyond her responsibilities. We completely trust and appreciate Megan!! The pups love her too!!

Reviewed by Carolyn & Eddie

Megan is amazing! She took care of our two dogs and our cat while we were on vacation. It was the first time we used a dog sitter to come by the house to watch them and it was the best experience for us and our pets. She went above and behind to ensure that they were happy and well taking care of. She is honestly the best and we will definitely be asking her take care of our pets many more times in the future :)

Reviewed by John Volponi

Megan is amazing! I had a period of time where I was constantly away on extended business trips, and Megan was reliable and caring for my older labrador, Mellon, and cat, Scram. She was the overnight and daily walker whenever I was away, and I always came home to happy and well cared for pets. She was very flexible with last minute trips, and when flights got delayed and my return was delayed. I highly recommend Megan for your pet care needs! She has a special gift to relate to the animals and you will come home to happy and well cared for pets!

Reviewed by Kelly OBrien

Megan sat for our dog Brutus, and he wanted to go home with her!!! She was great with him, and he didn't even care that I wasn't there. That's the best any pet owner could ever ask for.

Reviewed by Tonya, Olivia & Cameron

We met Megan when we started volunteering at Maxfund. She was always so friendly and helpful - we miss her terribly! She knows so much about dogs and definitely has a special gift in caring for animals. We always went to Megan when we wanted to take a dog overnight - and she was always spot on with their temperament and personality. Recently we moved into our own home and wanted to start taking dogs for longer periods of time. She recommended a sweet little dachshund/beagle mix named Prince who was a puppy recovering from Parvo. He was a perfect match for our home and it only took 2 days for us to know that he was a permanent part of our family! And because 'Ali' needs some training (really me and my children need training) we get to see Megan again soon! We would recommend her for training, sitting and helping you choose a forever furry friend!

Reviewed by Elissa

I met Megan at an animal rescue where she was the only staff member who would handle the dog I was seeking to adopt. Evidently, he had bitten everyone on staff except Megan, who was his very special pal. By the time I entered the picture, the dog was in solitary confinement and a little bit bonkers. Megan's ability to positively interact with him demonstrated to me that he had the potential to be a loving, well-behaved pet. I was right! Since his adoption Megan has cared for him on and off when I'm out of town. He loves to be with her, and I have no worries about leaving him. Megan is conscientious, responsible, patient, and can calmly handle dogs that might otherwise be difficult away from their owners or cannot psychologically handle overnight stays at a kennel (my dog included). I highly recommend her services.

Reviewed by Gisela

I am honored to have met Megan at the shelter where I volunteer. She is the most amazing human being. Everyone, wether people or animals love her. Whenever a dog would come in, scared to death of being in the shelter or fearful aggressive, in no time she would have that dog turned around were we, the volunteers were able to touch and walk them. We miss her very much. I would trust her with my most priceless possessions, my four dogs. If I ever had to go out of town and couldn't take them, I would certainly hire Megan, I know they would be in good hands.

Reviewed by Jeanie

I had the pleasure of working with Megan at a Rescue. Megan was the highlight of the day not only with all the dogs but staff as well. The dogs adored her, she has a "Very Special" connection with them. She always took extra time with the shy, sick, or new arrivals to comfort them and let them know they were safe, loved and would be OK. She gave them all so much Love and Attention that often when new adoptee's were there to complete and take home a lucky dog if Megan was in sight or ear shot it could become embarrassing as they would ALL try to get to Megan which could have dampened the joy of the occasion but her personality just made it fun and assuring that indeed a Super Bond can be created by Love even with the worst situations imaginable that a pup may have came from. You and your animals would be lucky to have her in your home to care for them.

Reviewed by Alison

Megan is a true gem! I have known Megan for over 2 years through my volunteer work with a local animal shelter. She is truly gifted with the animals and was responsible for helping some of the most challenging dogs rehabilitate and find loving homes. Megan's loving care & attention to each dog's unique needs was given consistently and tirelessly. She is a woman of great heart and integrity, and will always be my first choice for pet sitting and training advice.

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