Training Philosophy:

owner and lead trainer Megan King is certified as a Dog Behavior Specialist through the Misha May Foundation Dog Training and Rescue. She utilizes her knowledge and understanding of the science behind how dogs perceive the world, how they learn, communicate and why they do the things that they do in order to transform behaviors into something compatible with the typical human lifestyle. She prides herself not only in her connection to the canine species but more so to her own as the majority of her training is in fact with pet owners. She provides the tools and guidance needed for individuals and families to live harmoniously with their pets. This often involves some alterations on the human end but is the most effective way to ensure that behaviors are sustained.


The Fuzzy Love toolbox contains techniques that are non-aversive and again rooted in the foundations of behavior science. Megan has chosen this path as it allows her to build strong, healthy and mutually trusting human- animal relationships with long lasting results. With these techniques, we as humans are seen as trustworthy, stable beings, rather than unpredictable and scary. Any desired behavior is at the dogs own will rather than by fear and/ or force. Because of the absence of fear, dogs are given the opportunity to think clearly, focus, brainstorm and are ultimately more likely to learn.


We apply reward- based techniques which boost self esteem, are family friendly and less stressful than the alternative for all parties involved. The root cause of an issue is addressed, making behavioral changes sustainable. These techniques are the most up to date, humane and effective, backed by a plethora of scientific research. All of this requiring patience, consistency, precision and full participation of course!


 Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our training methods. Please contact us with any additional questions.